Monday, July 6, 2009

Welcome Home Daddy

Welcome home from Indonesia daddy! Abbi and her friend Aubrey helped me put the cups on the over-pass. I bought the cups too large...and I suffered some flesh wounds to my knuckles. Ouchie!
Then I made some Red Velvet Cake Balls in festive 4th of July.

Welcome home your new puppy. Happy Father's Day, and Happy Birthday. Oh wait...I guess that's more for me!

Welcome back to late-overs, and sleepovers.
Welcome back to Dr. appointments. (I had what's called a Derma Fibroma. It looked like a wart, but it was a skin cell build up. I just wanted that thing removed. It was ugly! This would be my first set of stitches EVER!)

Welcome back to reality daddy! We missed you and love you. Please don't go away again any time soon!