Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Will It Ever End?

Backyard demolition almost complete. Rock wall...check. Sand....check.

The kiddo's couldn't wait to get back there and play. Trent has to fix the sprinklers, bring in the rocks steps, and then put the trampoline, and swing set back in and we are good to go. We also were lucky enough to score a free hot tub! Thanks to Ang's dad. Fire pit, and final curbing next summa.

Kaisey watched Meeko drink from the hose. A few minutes later she was following suit.

Meeko would hide in between the sod rolls, and Binx would try to find her. This went on until I went to get my camera, and then they all followed me up the stairs!

Kali's first REAL day of first grade with Faith, and then with Brenna.
Kali with her teacher.

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