Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Fling 2010

First dance competition of the season. Abbi begged and begged to do a solo. We finally caved with the PROMISE that there would be lots of practicing without complaining. I'm sure you can guess how that ended. I think I might have been more nervous than she was. She put on her game face and danced right into my heart! I couldn't control my tears! She was AMAZING! I couldn't have been prouder......except for when she took 1st place. That look on her face says it all doesn't it?

The next day was group competition. Her team ROCKED! They took 1st in lyrical, 1st in jazz, and GOLD in hip hop.

Friday, March 5, 2010

A Snowy Morning Conversation

By The Mom

Kaleb: "Mom! I don't know where my snow boots are!"

Me: "I do. They are in the backyard where you left them weeks ago."

Kaleb: "Oh. Well what am I gonna wear then?"

Abbi walks out with a thin jacket on.

Me: "Abbi! It's snowing."

Abbi: "I know."

Me: "Seriously? Get a coat on."

Abbi: BIG nasty sigh as she walks into her room, comes out with coat on, and "pretty" boots.

Me: "Abbi? Are you really gonna wear those shoes instead of your snow boots? Your feet are gonna get cold and wet in the snow."

Abbi: "Mom! We aren't even gonna play outside because it's snowing."

Me: "Abbi you do have to walk in and out of the school."

No shoe change and enter carpool picking up the kids across the street.

Me: "They are here! Walk on over."

Abbi: "I don't want to walk all the way over's snowing!"

Monday, March 1, 2010


Kaisey to doctor's for croup= steroid shot + cough medicine
Kaleb to Instacare for suspected strep= virus + cough medicine
Kaisey to Instacare lethargic= double ear infections + anti-biotic
Trent to Instacare= cough medicine + anti-biotic
Kali to Instacare fever= urinary infection + anti-biotic
Kali BACK to Instacare 2 days later with higher fever= pneumonia + another anti-biotic

So here's where my fun begins.
See how cute that giant cupcake is? Yeah. It was hell. So I follow the simple easy directions for the Big Top Cupcake. Simple my ______. I followed the directions. Regular cake mix, spray cleaned liners with non-stick coating, bake for 35 min til toothpick comes out clean from each piece, wait 15 minutes til cooled and then gently remove. Nope. Gently removed and the thing fell apart. we'll try it again. Regular cake mix...blah blah blah, spray with non-stick coating AND I flour as well.

I then jump in the shower, because I've got to get ready for church. Trent calls and tells me he's gonna drop off Kali (from the Instacare) so he can run and get her some medicine since she's NOW got pneumonia as well as the urinary infection.

Voila! Big Top Cupcake works this time.....only as I'm taking the top out I accidentally drop it in the sink...and it falls apart. Here's where Trent drops Kali off and I'm furious, as well as worried about my little girl. I've GOTTA leave to get to I'm just gonna leave the kids with Abbi for about 15 minutes til Trent gets home.....and then Kali pukes all over the floor. As start to clean that up (in my church clothes) Kaleb informs me that the dog has puked as well. This is where I start to get REALLY frustrated.

Head to church find a sub (THANK YOU Brother Fugal) and try not to bawl like a baby.

Get home in time to clean up MORE puke, and start another giant cupcake. Regular cake mix blah blah blah! Phew! Last time is a charm. I've got SO much cake I can make Cakepops for days! Be ready neighbors....because if they stay here my diet is toast!

My SWEET Abbi took care of bathing Kaisey, getting her dressed, and even doing her hair.

Par-tay time!
After EVERY present Kaisey would say "OPY" (open). So each present would be carefully taken out of the package and loved before we could move on.

Then came the giant _____(insert choice words here) cupcake. Blowing out the candles.......
.....and then she bit into before we could stop her!
Happy Birthday to my sweetie pie! Here's to better health!