Wednesday, July 22, 2009

♪ Do Do Do Looking Out My Back Door ♪

This is NOT what I expected to see out my back door 2 days later. But any time you plan something it NEVER goes smoothly right? I should have expected the unexpected. Anywho....this is what we look like today. The mud dirt wasn't dry that is our "new" delay.

So Kaleb has been such a stinker lately, that he has been chosen to help water the big sod rolls in our backyard. Today, he decided to squirt Abbi on the trampoline instead. She jumped off and tried to get away from him, and sprained her ankle. All I could hear was Abbi wailing, and Kaleb giggling as he continued to spray her while she was down. BOYS!


Kelle said...

Looks like fun! I hate yard work!!

amy said...

Pooooor Abbi! I think siblings are so mean sometimes. I hope she heals fast.