Saturday, September 20, 2008

More ball art!

Now the ball is dressed up as a pirate. Hilarious. If you look closely, you can see that Kaleb has put a bandana around the ball, and used play coins as eyes. There is a sword, a gun, and a bottle with a map all next to this "ball art"!

Draining the Pool

We finally decided that it was time to take down the pool. Trent makes everything quite the event. The neighbors came over, and everyone got into their swimming suits. Instead of hooking up the hose and and draining it into the gutter, they all climb on the edge. Someone got thrown in at one point, and then it was River Barney.

Earlier in the day, I asked the Samoans that were doing the neighbors concrete if they had a card, because we wanted to "eventually" pour concrete where the pool is. So the guy tells me that he'll just come give me a bid in 5 minutes. So I'm thinking...ok, then I know what to save for. He comes and looks over the spot (no tape measure, no nothing) says $1200, and we'll be here Monday morning. Hello!!!!

It's Happened

Oh yes, you know you're old when your kid gets braces. I remember when....(didn't you hate when your parents said that?) So it finally happened.

Lunch Number

On our way to Kaleb's soccer game this morning, I realized that he had "decorated" his soccer ball. He apparently found a permanent marker. Joy! So he preceeds to tell me that he wrote his phone number on it. 1086. I told him that wasn't our phone number. He says "Oh no, that's my lunch number!"