Monday, September 28, 2009

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to my sweet busy boy! I cannot believe how fast you've grown! You were born shortly after 9/11 and I was fearful that terrorists were going to blow up the hospital while I was giving birth. You were such a cute little fart with some of the biggest cheeks ever! I'm proud of the little man you are becoming, and the choices that you are making.
I love you!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kaleb's Birthday Party 2009

Kaleb hasn't officially turned 8 yet. He wanted a Luau. We had his party last weekend since it's starting to get cold. The kids got lei's as they came to the party. They ate Hawaiian Pizza, decorated their own cupcakes with Hawaiian flowers, tie dyed t-shirts (what a mess), swam in the pool, and played in the hot tub. We over heard a couple of the kids saying, "Kaleb, this is the coolest party ever." Mom's job is done here. Ha.
While Kaleb was opening his presents we were obviously distracted. We noticed this.
My sweet little Kaisey dumped all the sprinkles onto her plate and was eating it in handfuls. Never a dull moment at our house.
One more birthday party to plan this year. Whew. Parties are exhausting.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kali's Stitches

After getting Abbi home from surgery and situated, I had to run Kaisey up to the doctors. So after filling Kaisey's prescription for croupe I stopped for pizza. As I'm pulling in the driveway Kaleb runs up to me and says, "Mom! Kali is REALLY hurt." I proceed to the neighbors house (thank you for taking care of Kali Anderson's!) I see this......
Yes...she covered her eyes the entire time. Kali climbed the basketball hoop at the neighbors and caught her leg on something on her way down. OUCH!
7 stitches later, and 12 hours of hospital/doctor/instacare for mom. Whew. Glad that day is over.

Abbi's Surgery

Normally "popping and locking" are cool dance moves....but when it comes to your knee? Not so cool. Abbi had a bone spur growing on her knee which is basically a little bone growing off the big bone. She also had some swelling along with the popping and locking. So we had it removed today. After about 2 weeks she'll be as good as new. For the mean time, she has a leg brace and some crutches.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Keith Urban

I've been to Keith Urban's concerts for the last 4 years. He is my BESTIE! If you've never seen one of his concerts he rocks. Literally. He ROCKS!

Trent didn't make it home in time, so Kaleb got to come with Abbi and I. He had to stand on the chair, and I had to hold him up the entire time. Keith ended up coming to the back of the arena about 20 yards from us. AWESOME! AND if that wasn't awesome enough....he then came out a second time on our row about 10 seats away from us. I shooed my kids as close to him as I could. If Abbi wanted to touch him she could have. I think he played for 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

As if his concerts didn't rock like mad.....he's not bad on the eyes either...and thanks to Keith, Kaleb wants to learn to play the guitar. He thought he was super cool!

Labor Day Weekend

I think the husband's had the best time in Crystal Hot Springs. Here the men are playing Lasso Golf in their "stupid hats".
And here they are fetching the Lasso Golf Balls from the tree.

And here they are after the BIG BYU win.
Dave assuming his position.
Katrina following the little monkey's around.
Kaisey and Canyon floating in the hot pools. Canyon loved it...Kaisey not so much!Canyon's boogie blowout. Sick I know. But it was super funny.
My babies floating in our pool.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to School.....Again?

Abbi and Kaleb were accepted into the Charter School yesterday. I had to come up with an answer by 4:00. I went to the school and talked with them.

Mom: "Kids you got into the Charter School!"

Abbi: "Yeah!"

Kaleb: "No mom!"

Mom: "But Kaleb....they have an awesome art program."

Kaleb: "No."

Mom: "Kaleb, they teach Spanish, and they have a music program."

Kaleb: "Miss Taylor already does that with me." (And it's true. She's a fantastic elementary teacher.)

Mom: "You'll get a longer summer...."

Kaleb: "Oh, ok!"

Kali however, did not get into the school this year. She is having a bit of a meltdown. We bought her a new Webkin in the middle of her meltdown, and hopefully it will help. She's gonna need a little more TLC.

So I then started the process to pull them out of school, and then had to run like crazy to find uniforms, new shoes, bows, etc. What a crazy crazy afternoon! I'm also thinking that I'm gonna end up with a list of things that they will need from the more running today!

We rolled into the Charter School today to get registered and a few of the neighbor kids showed up for the "unveiling" of the teachers. Kaleb ended up getting into his good friend Alex's class, and Abbi ended up in the same class as her friends Alexis and Madison. What a good morning!

Abbi's MRI came back normal, and we are set to get her surgery next week. Hey Janet....what are your plans for next Friday? ;)

Crazy odds and ends.
I made Plaster Paris molds for Kaleb's class last week. One of my FAVORITE things to do when I was little. My mom would bring all the stuff to make, and paint when we'd go camping.
Stairs in the back finished. Thanks to Rockscapes! They did an fantastic job.