Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mommy's Little Stinker

My little stinker is 2 today. I can hardly believe that 2 years have passed already.
Kaisey LOVES to sing, dance, and change her clothes. 99% of the time she's in her diaper, and it's not because I don't get her dressed.

She is such a blessing to our household. I cannot begin to imagine our life without her! We love you little girl!

Photos by Impressions Photography

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Trade Off

I have begun training for my 1/2 marathon in May. Hitting the gym 3 times a week, and running at night, and I've started playing indoor soccer again. it's not JUST for the 1/2 marathon, but I want to have my cute, lean, firm body back. However, I feel as though I'm trading some of my sanity for it! Getting up at 5am to be at the gym by 5:30am for my strength classes. Mind you I sleep in my gym clothes because I KNOW that at the last possible second I'm gonna change my mind about sleeping in and want to RUSH out the door. "Amy! You're only hurting yourself!" Yep. That's the conversation I have with myself every dang morning.

Here's where said 'trade off' walks in. HOW on earth does a non-morning person not take a nap when the little one is sleeping? I should be cleaning the house, I should be paying the bills, I should be blogging, I should be this and I should be that. How am I going to start balancing everything? I'm my own worst enemy and critic! I thought that exercising was supposed to increase your energy?

It's so hard to continue this insane exercising ritual when it takes time (A LOT OF TIME) to see any results....other than my untidy house!

I'd better get to bed early tonight! I've got another 5:30am class in the morning!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Superbowl Crafting

Several months ago (after seeing The Blind Side) I decided I was a Raven's fan. But...because I love the fleur-de-lis, I also decided I was a Saints fan. WAY TO GO SAINTS! Anyhow...I wanted to show my new found devotion but didn't want to spend an arm and a leg since the season was basically over.

Here is my $6 tee shirt from Target, and some iron on's from JoAnn's. (Thanks to my sister who just happened to have them handy at her house!)
Thanks also goes out to my awesome friend and neighbor Kim for having us over for the game!