Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kaleb's Surgery

Kaleb had his Inguinal Right Hernia surgery yesterday. We arrived at 9:30, and made it home about 3:00. What an AWESOME hospital. This darling little nurse came to talk to him about surgery. She showed him a book, and talked to him about everything that was gonna happen. She even brought him a little doll to color, and take home.

He even got to play video games while he was waiting for his turn.

Kaleb kept throwing up after the surgery, so he had to stay a little longer than normal. Once we got home, he began putting together his new Star Wars Lego set which he picked out a week ago as his "surgery prize." He was such a brave little guy, and is doing very well today.

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Coombs Family said...

Glad it went so well.