Monday, February 28, 2011

"I'm Three!"

Since when does a 3 year old know EXACTLY what they want?

"I want a pink bumblee birthday party mom. I want nilla cupcakes and pink frosting. AND I want grandma and Darla to come."
Happy Birthday to my sweet little 3 year old!

The Aquarium

While at the Aquarium, we were lucky enough to watch the penguins being fed. There was an employee there answering questions. Someone asked if the penguins didn't like the fish they were being fed. He answered telling us that there was a leak in the ceiling which caused the paint to leave a white spot where the blue sky was. So to the was very confusing, and they felt as though their sky was falling. So they had been a bit uneasy.

As we were leaving with their souveniers. Kaisey with her penguin backpack and Kali with her seal.

Christmas 2010

So here's Christmas....minus the white fluff ball.
We are minus the two big girls. They were at the other halves for Christmas morning.
Kaisey asked Santa for playdough, Lalaloopsy, and Doll Walk for Christmas. This is "doll walk".
Kaleb made this tool box for his daddy at Scouts. He wanted to decorate it in BYU.
These two adorable girls bought presents for everyone all on their own this year....with their own money as well.