Monday, July 20, 2009

Back Yard Demolition

The first thing that we did to our barren back yard, was add the lattice under the deck, and then we had the Curbman come redo our curbing in the front, and add curbing to the backyard. We made a spot for a garden. With Trent going to Indonesia, we were delayed, and the actual food in the garden will come next year.

We then had all the concrete poured. Trent and I constructed our new basketball hoop. That was a bit of a bugger!

Kaleb insisted on having the "first shot."
Baylee made the "second shot."

Then the kids played for a good hour while I attempted to give Kaisey a bath. She wouldn't go peacefully without her (which is MY) "Coke"(which is actually Diet Coke).

The next day, Trent had to move sprinklers, and cut the sod out. The next phase of our "Backyard Demolition" will be a rock retaining wall to contain our kids zone. I'm super excited to have a fun backyard.

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