Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mr and Mrs. Claus

"Hmmm....I want......Legos!"
"I want my two front teeth!" (While laughing hysterically!)
"I want a Lalaloopsy, Playdough and a doll walk!"
Then Santa surprised her with some playdough!

A big shout out to Julie Williams Photography for having this event. All donations were given to the Christmas Box House. Thank you as well to Mr and Mrs Claus. Aren't they just perfect?

My two front teeth!

Kali lost her first front tooth due to being bumped by an elbow at school. She lost her second by tripping over the Christmas Blowup outside and smacking her face on the corner of the sidewalk. Poor poor little thing!
Then to make matters worse....I thought it was looking pretty bad the next day, so I swung her into the doctors office and it was infected. Poor Poor Poor baby!

Monday, December 13, 2010

2010 Christmas Progression at Dance

Kaisey was super excited. However I was really afraid that she wasn't going to even try. She is sometimes a little naughty at dance class and doesn't participate.
Uh.....turn around Kaisey!
Then there was Kali. She did a GREAT job! I cannot wait to see her perform at her first competition.
Abbi's turn. She had her cheer and competition class recitals. She has improved SO much already this year. She now has her back walk-over, her round-off back-handspring, and her standing back hand-spring. I'm so proud of her!
Here's Kaisey performing.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy 12th

Happy 12th birthday to my Abbi. She was turning 12 on 12/12. I thought that was pretty I decided to throw her a surprise party!

I started off by taking her to the mall to buy her some new clothes. We came home to this....

She was pretty darn excited AND surprised!

Friday, December 3, 2010

♪ Once there was a snowman ♫

Kaisey "I wanna build a snowman. We need sticks for arms!"
Mom "First I have to clean the house."
Kaisey "I wanna build a snowman."
Mom "Yes. But now I have to clean the bathtub and give you a bath."
Kaisey "I wanna build a snowman."
Mom "Yes, but now I gotta shower."
Kaisey "I wanna build a snowman."
Mom "We have to go run errands first."
Kaisey "I want Wendy's and then I wanna build a snowman."
Mom "Ok we'll get Wendy's then you have to nap and then we can build a snowman."

.......and we FINALLY built the snowman but first she had to wear his outfit.

She's one persistant little thing!