Saturday, January 31, 2009

Draper Temple

We went to visit the Draper Temple last night. What a process! First you go to the designated Stake Center. Where you sit and wait, and then row by row, they take you into a room to watch a pretty neat video with the history of the Draper area. Then you wait for a bus to take you to the Temple. You finish in the church that's right by the temple...with some refreshments. Which is where this picture was taken. After that you wait for your bus again. I can't believe all the work that goes into this. Bus's, refreshments, all the people named Usher (All the helpers had what looked to be name tags, and they all said Usher. Dumb, I know. But I found it quite funny!) The tents that took you from the bus to the Temple, and from the Temple, to the Church, and of course all the coverings for the floor. WOW!

The temple was BEAUTIFUL! Kaisey was getting really tired, but she LOVED the chandeliers. She also at one point was looking at nothing.....and began clapping and smiling. I feel as though it was my Grandpa Great Strong. There was a moment in the Temple where I was almost overwhelmed with love and peace. It's been way too long since I've gone to the Temple. That will be my goal for February.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Kaisey is starting to drive....chairs that is. She about went over yesterday, I caught her before she took out the bar stool along with her face (which is healing quite nicely)! I bought her the cutest little walker. She is beginning to master it already.

Trent managed to get himself 4 stitches on his knuckle. He sliced it right to the tendon. He pulled up the flap and MADE me watch the tendon move. I was TOTALLY grossed out, Kaleb, on the other hand, thought it was really cool. He wanted to go watch daddy get stitches. Kaleb told the doctor all about his stitches, staples, and his body cast. He's interested in becoming a doctor.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

January Crafts

I just finished making this tutu along with a matching hair flower for Kaisey's first birthday pictures. I cannot believe that in a month my baby will become a toddler. Where did the time go?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Kaisey's first owie. She hit her little head on the wood table downstairs. It was bleeding and you can see the bruise starting to form already! Darn it!! Good as new with some Tylenol and a little red bandaid.

Kali at the dentist with her little cavity. Thank goodness this time we only had one cavity between all 3 kids.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Persistance Pays Off

I have been dealing with the theft of my SSN for about 8 months now. FINALLY! It was a painful process, but it's fixed! I checked a few minutes ago, and my credit score has been restored! I PRAY that they haven't done any more damage that I haven't discovered yet. But if they have, I've got all the stupid paperwork to fix that too.

First off, I had to file a police report. Then I had to go down to SLC in person, and request a copy of that report to be mailed to me. Then, I had to wait a week for that report to arrive. Then I had to fill out an "Affidavit of Theft" and have that notorized. I had to get a copy of a bill in my name with my address at the time of the incident. I also had to send a photocopy of my drivers license. I had to send this to EVERY company that was affected by this fraud, and also to the credit bureau ALL by certified mail.

I also had to file a report with the FCC, and dispute every item through the credit bureau's.

I found a Texas address, in which I will totally prosecute if the police department in Texas will cooperate with me. (Which they haven't so far!) Wish me luck on that. I want to punish every criminal that thinks this sort of behavior is acceptable. I should become a private investigator! I ROCK!

TIP O' The Day:
If you want to stop some of that annoying junk can go to and request to be removed for 5 years, or if you want to print and mail it in, you can be removed permanently.
Also, you should pull EVERYTHING out of your purse or wallet, make a photocopy of both sides. If you should have your stuff stolen or lose something, you have all the numbers necessary to cancel everything. (This has come in handy several times.) You should also immediately contact ONE of the credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, or Transunion) and put a 90 day fraud alert on your file.

Just some tips that I wished I'd have learned sooner!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo was a REALLY cool zoo. We didn't have enough time to do everything that we wanted, but I did get to see all of my favorite....the bears.
This Koala's and the Panda's all seemed to be sleeping in the trees.

The Polar Bears were so fun to watch! They were playing with each other, and us a real show! There were tons of people at this exhibit. We had to take a tram all the way to the bottom of the zoo. It's a BIG zoo!

On the way home from the zoo, I told the kids to give me their sad faces since we were leaving California in just a couple of hours. Pretty sad hu?
Well no sooner than I took this picture, Abbi says "When are we gonna get to the airport? Cuz I'm getting sick!" So Grandma Sylvia (Trent's mom) hands her a ziplock baggie. She totally refunded into the baggie. We asked her if she was done, and she told us she was. We were so happy! No mess to clean up....and then she did it again! ALL OVER the van. Seriously?Then Kaleb starts holding his mouth! Grandma gave him a baggie too...and he refunded! I was so mad at Abbi, because she was holding MY sweatshirt and got puke all over it. Then I realized it was Trent's sweatshirt. We all started laughing SO hard, except for Abbi of course.
I thought you'd all enjoy a picture of Grandma Syl holding the barf bags. She is laughing hysterically.
I had the worst headache on the plane, and made it to the bathroom to refund shortly after we got off the flight. We recovered all of our luggage, and our neighbor Loren picked us up from the airport. We got everybody nesstled into their beds about 11:45pm. At about 2am, Kali woke us up crying. Yup. She refunded in her bed.

So there you have it. Our fun-filled...puke-filled vacation. Whew! It's good to be home!

Friday, January 16, 2009

More Disneyland Pictures

Kaleb, Cade and Easton (friends) got picked to be in the Jedi Training. They all got to fight Darth Mole. Right before they got picked, this little boy sitting by Kaleb started refunding on the smooth floor. Oh my gosh.....why is puke following us like crazy this trip? hehe.
Kali was insistent on finding Minnie Mouse, and Fawn. Thank goodness we found them both.

Kali and Fawn from the movie Tinkerbell. Fawn was absolutely adorable with Kali.

Tower of Terror. Kaleb and Kalyssa both HATE this ride.

Kaisey was such a trooper on this trip. She LOVED the kid rides. She'd see something that she was interested in, and then the ride would move on, and she'd try to turn around to keep looking at it. We also went to the Disney Playhouse. She screamed, and danced. It was adorable!

Today we are just kicking back. We walked to Downtown Disney, and played video games at the ESPN store. The kids swam in the pool. Tomorrow is the San Diego Zoo, and the plane ride home. Pray for us! Pray that our pilot could safely land us in the Hudson River...pray that we bring all of our kids home with us and pray that nobody pukes on the plane! :0)


I've been asked if we found the missing doll. We are hoping that someone was kind enough to turn it in to the lost and found. We will check later today.
This picture was taken just prior to the dang doll disaster. There is the dang doll!

Here are some of the fun pictures that we took.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Disney Disaster

I was going to blog tonight about all the fun we've had the last 3 days in Disneyland, until we were leaving the park tonight. DISASTER! Kali fell asleep about 8:00pm. We hit Space Mountain as our last ride of Disneyland. After that, we headed out of the park, along with EVERYBODY else. We were just about out the doors, and I realized that Kali's Sleeping Beauty doll (that she purchased with her very own money) was missing. I figured we'd try to avoid disaster when she woke up...Trent checked at the lost and found, while Sylvia doubled back on our previous route. Nothing. So, I stayed with Abbi, and Kali who at this point was still asleep, while Trent (holding Kaisey) and Sylvia checked inside the store for a new doll. My heart felt a REAL sinking feeling, and I thought it was stupid that I was feeling that sick about a doll. Then it hit me. Kaleb. Where was Kaleb. I told Abbi to stay put, and I ran inside the store to see if Kaleb was with Trent or Sylvia. I knew he wasn't. I found them, and I began to panic. He was missing.

Long story short, Disneyland has a room for all the missing kids. It apparently happens a lot. There were movies, and video games, etc. One of the managers took me to him. I think that I was crying harder than Kaleb was. Which I'm of course still crying now. It's every mothers worst nightmare.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Universal Studios

We went to Universal Studios today. Nobody refunded today. However, while we were on the escalators Kali says, "Oh...daddy! I don't feel good!" We thought she was going to puke. As soon as he held her hand, she was fine. What she meant was, "I'm scared on the escalator!" Any of you that have been to Universal, the escalators can be intimidating. So, for this picture, I told Trent to let go of her hand. This is what we got.
This is where the King Kong exhibit used to be. It burned down in a fire last year. They are planning to rebuild it. I really liked that one!
This picture is from the Backdraft show. They showed a reinactment which scared and upset Kaleb. He didn't want to be there. He was practically in tears.

Pictures with some of the characters.

The Water World show. Every single one of the actors in this show, are in shows on television. It's a stunt show. I ended up getting soaked on this one.