Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not so wet Cement

We are FINALLY landscaping our back yard. It was on my list of things to do and then we put the house up for sale....and now that we aren't going anywhere it's finally time! Here the guys are pouring a cement pad for our above ground pool/basketball court. Some of the neighbor kids came over to enjoy the show.

Now for the drama! We decided to let the kids put their hands in the other cement pad which will one day house our hot tub. Abbi had to leave to go to dance tryouts when Kaisey decided to go ahead and stick her little fingers in it. Then OF COURSE Kaleb decided it was time to stick his little hands wherever he felt like it...followed by Kalyssa. The guy quickly smoothed that over, and we attempted it a second time.

As you can see in this picture Trent had just barely finished with Kalyssa as Kaleb went ahead a second time and just stuck his stinkin little hand right back in the cement. I thought Trent was gonna come unglued. BOYS!

Now there isn't a picture of Abbi sticking her hand in because by the time she got home the cement was basically too dry to get a hand print in it. Abbi was DEVASTATED. The water works started. She decided to go throw a fit outside. When we checked on her, we noticed that she basically carved her little hand print right into the cement. Oh man...the girl drama is almost too much for me! Notice the print on the far right.

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