Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Newest Obsession

My newest obsession is the "coupon way" of shopping. I've never been a fan of it and that person with all those coupons in line in front of me really ticks me off. HOWEVER, now that I'm realizing that I can actually legally cheat the system, I'm finding it to be a fun game I can play. I've only just begun, but for my first shopping trip I think I did pretty well. I spent $77.72 and my coupon savings were $75.38. AND now I can send in my receipt and get a check for $10 back.

Our trip to the Living Aquarium. I think the octopus was the coolest thing ever.

I took Kaleb back up to Primary's for his post-op appointment, and on the way home, we decided to go to the Hogle Zoo. So of course I didn't have my camera. We went into the Desert Zone where Kaisey found the Meerkat. It would pace back and forth, and Kaisey would follow. We had our own little attraction going. People stood and watched and giggled.

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Anonymous said...

I'm confused about the coupon clipping thing. How do you get $10 back from sending your receipt somewhere??

Your kids are adorable as always!! Too bad you don't have a video from the zoo! That sounds like so much fun!