Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Feeling Crafty

Pillowcases I decorated with dance team...and football team info.
A decorative candy jar.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oh 'Shoot'ers

Marshmallow Shooters that is......

Let me just start by apologizing to all the people in my neighborhood for all the 'marshmallow attacks', and for turning the park into a 'marshmallow zone' (I couldn't very well have them all over my yard right??) Having overheard a couple of the kids tell Kaleb that his party was the COOLEST EVER was definately worth it!

Consists of:
1 7" PVC Pipe (schedule 40)
2 5" PVC
4 3" PVC
2 Elbows
2 T's
2 Stoppers
Paint of Choice

We watched this video on youtube.com
This looks a tad bit like payback doesn't it???

Happy Birthday lil buddy!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Beautiful Life Photography

Some of my favorites!
Kaleb with mom and with dad.

Two best friends.

The girls with mom...and the girls with dad.
I'm realizing they are growing and changing WAY too fast to not get family photos more often.

Totally Radical 80's

Hands down the FUNNEST party I've been to in a LONG time. I went with my friend because our husbands have been gone hunting.

Let's hear if for (the boy) ....the 80s makeup! ♪♫ You win for that!
Let's get physical.....Physical......♪♫
Interesting fact.....most of the stuff we are wearing was purchased recently at Rue 21. It's makin a comeback ladies! Thanks so much for all the laughs!!