Friday, March 11, 2011

Medical Saga Continues

So let me start out by must be all in my head. I MUST be crazy!

I get dizzy or lightheaded usually everyday a couple times. However there are days that I don't at all. Usually it happens when I go from laying down to standing up. Sometimes standing up. It feels as though someone is "dimming" the lights as if into a tunnel, and then it comes back the same way it goes out. Sometimes I can just continue walking through it, sometimes I need to brace myself, sometimes I just sit down to prevent falling, and sometimes I actually black out and get tingly all over.

So, I have done a BAZILLION tests! So first off when the blood tests came back normal, they thought I had a hole in my heart. So with that came the trip to the Cardiologist. I wore a heart monitor for 2 weeks. We then did a stress test (heart monitors while running on a treadmill), a bubble test (which felt like my heart was burping tiny bubbles into my head), an EKG, and when all that came back normal they checked for hypostatic tension (blood pressure drops when positioning changes). All came back free an clear minus my heart skipping a beat or two. Nothing for concern.

Weeks later, nothing had changed, so I went back in for a few more blood tests, which this time showed I could be hypoglycemic.

Tried eating better for about a month.....and once again, nothing changed.

Then went in for a TILT (Syncope) test. That test rocked! They strapped me to a table, put monitors all over me, an IV, and then they numbed my hand up with Lidacain so that they could stick some sort of monitor clear up into my main artery in my wrist. Then I was injected with something I'd like to call "death" and then they stood the table upright. I felt TERRIBLE for about 30 seconds. I passed that test with flying colors as well.

Next stop was to the ENT. Possible inner ear problem. Got checked out, did some hearing tests and all came back normal. The ENT then sent me to see a Hearing and Imbalance Doctor for a possibility of Meniere's Disease. This doctor did all sorts of CRAZY tests. Looking at my eyes, blowing cold and hot air in my ears, shoving things in my ears. And once all came back looking great.

So next step was a Neurologist. This is fun stuff right here....

Nurse, "Are you claustrophic?"
Me, "Ya...but I'll just think 'tanning bed'!"

I'm now inside this "tube" thing. I'm thinking 'tanning bed'. Now if you've never had an MRI before, let me tell's not just a 45 minute nap because there are LOUD, obnoxious clicking noises the entire time. They start, stop, change, and scare you. So I opened my eyes for a sec....which was a HUGE mistake! I almost felt like I was in a casket! So I close my eyes again....'tanning bed...tanning bed' Happy place....HAWAII!' Hawaii = Tsunami's...which then makes me think of Japan, which turns into earthquake! Oh I thought I was gonna die in there. I'm sooo glad that's over!

With that being said....I'm sure this is just another test I'm gonna pass. I ROCK!