Monday, July 27, 2009


We had a blast at Yuba Lake other than all the boat troubles. The kids LOVE to dig and play in the sand. AND of course bury themselves.

Trent holding all the little guys. Meeko, Kizzy and Kiko. Trent (my non-dog loving husband) said, "I'm glad we got another dog for Binx. Now he's not so bored." I was so overwhelmed with shock that it took me a few minutes before I really realized what he said. When I brought it up, he denied having said it.

Kali's hair before.....

and after.......

Kaisey kept us very busy.

We found her several times sitting in the water bucket we used to clean off our feet before entering the trailer.

I attempted to wake board. I'm really pretty ticked because I got up so darn easy last year. I think I tried for about 45 minutes to get up. I'm gonna blame it on the boat. :) I now have a massive bruise on my leg, and my forearms hurt like none other!

Kaisey learned how to say her name this weekend. It is the cutest thing ever!

Uncle Chet gave Kaleb a little guitar lesson until Ranger Rick came and shut the party down.

The very last day the kids decided to hang up the tube, and try to ski. This is Abbi. I am so proud of her!

AND.....the backyard wasn't finished when we got home. BLAHHH!

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