Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Too close to the baby!

I forgot the "can't place items to closely to baby" stage. I was helping Kali with her homework, and had just finished feeding Kaisey. She was pretty quiet, and I looked over in time to see her playing in her apples. It was all over!

This is what happened when I tried to clean her up!

Kaisey got her second flu shot yesterday. It was so cute! The nurse stuck her, and Kaisey got this sad look on her face and said "waaaa". I quickly picked her up, and it was over! The nurse and I had a good laugh.

I have basically finished my organizing. What an AWESOME feeling!


I have been reading some organizing books. One of the things they mentioned is cleaning your washing machine. It said to run it through an entire cycle on hot with a cup of bleach. It definately cleaned my machine, and it made my house smell clean as well!!!

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christensens said...

She's so cute. And good job with all your organizing, you did that fast.