Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Progression

We got to see what the girls have been learning in their dance classes at Illuzion. I was hoping that Abbi's Company Team would be further along than they are. Hopefully they can pull it together before their first competition which is in March.

The Three Muskateers. Abbi, Lexy, and Addison.

They must have told all the girls to look up when they did the splits, cuz every last one of them looked right to the ceiling. Funny!

The year before last, Kali was at another studio. She ended up crying AND running off of the stage. So last year I was pleasantly surprised when they had this Night of Progression, and I got to see her dance! She would ask me EVERY time we went to dance class, "Am I going on the stage?" At the end of the year, we had a performance at Lagoon. I told her that if she cried, she wouldn't go on the rides. She was cured from that moment on!

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christensens said...

Cute pictures. Katie loved the stage when she was little and took dance. Sooo cute.