Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Traditions

We've started a couple new traditions this year. One of which is the Elf On The Shelf (thanks Amy C.) It is a very cute story about an Elf, that watches the kids and then reports back to Santa each night. It comes with a (kinda scary looking) little elf which you get to name. We had a blast trying to come up with his name. Each morning, the kids check to see if "Iggy" has moved his location.
The second one is allowing the kids to draw names. (Nothing new there...) But they use their allowance money to purchase a gift for their sibling. (Thanks Laura Elena) It was REALLY cute to watch them get so excited. Abbi said, "Mom...it feels really good to buy something for Kali, and the best part is that it's with my own money!" Then Kaleb's present was picked out. He actually climbed under the cart to see if he could see what Kali had picked out for him. What a stink! Did I mention that he snuck in and half-opened one of his presents? Yup. So that present is now on the counter.....he only gets it if he is good, and his room is kept clean until Christmas. Kids! (I must admit that I did this one year too...sorry mom!)

So, for our third new tradition....the presents will no longer be under the tree until Christmas Eve!


The Olson Gang! said...

I love.... LOVE traditions! I love finding new ones too - however... I've worked myself into a PANIC - because NOW there just isn't enough time to do them all!! DANG!! So then I stress and we do none... well, almost none! I've got a few...that I would like to do without - but they seem to be the ones that stick around... My kids are trying to convince me that the gifts go under the tree as they are purchased... but I'm not dummy - I KNOW what they will do! So, they don't come out until Christmas Eve here! I'm a smart mom!!! :) I wised up to them pretty stinkin quick!


Coombs Family said...

I'm glad you started the elf tradition. It is a big hit around our house.

Jen said...

That's a cute idea with the elf. We have an angel that spies for Santa. It's the kids favorite thing to get out each year. She sleeps in a special place all year until Christmas gets close.

Merry Christmas

beauaxton said...

That elf lives at our house too! His name is "BINGO". Some nights he forgets to move to his new spot OOPS!