Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finger Foods

Kaisey was cracking me up when I gave her finger foods for the first time yesterday. She doesn't like wet and slimey. She'd go to grab it, and then pull her fingers away, and look really puzzled, then do it again. It was SO funny.

More sleepovers! That's all these cute 10 year olds want to do. Kali keeps asking me when she can have a sleepover with her friends.


The Olson Gang! said...

I LOVE that finger food stage!! It is soooo fun!!! And FUNNY!! Gracie still has quite the faces! Just give her a potato and see what happens... it is worse than any lemon!! FUNNY GIRL! I mean really - who HATES potatoes??? Weird girl!

You have such a CUTE family!

OH!! Get use the the "SLEEPOVERS!".... they NEVER end!! Soon they will be attached at the hip and they answer to any name! They forget WHO they are! FUNNY GIRLS!!! Just enjoy it! It's better than tears.. .which is usually the other option... :)


Amber said...

Fun. I can't wait for Avree to start finger food. She is not a big fan of baby food. She like our food puraed and given that way. Her favorite vegie is Peas though. Yuck! She is the only one out of all of us that likes them.

My girls have sleepovers all the time with their cousins and a couple of friends. I hate to say that I pick and choose but you just can never be to careful. The days they don't have a sleepover they think their lives are over. I remember those days meself. Good old days!

pirate ride said...

Hey Amy, Thank you for your comment! Thank god we all grow up after High school! I know if I could go back and change some things or the way I behaved I sure would!! Your family is gorgeous and I'm glad to see you happy!!