Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Continued.....

We finally made it to pick up Abbi (apparently the rest of the Southwest Valley wasn't involved in the Riverton/Herriman blizzard) then we went to my mom's where the children were furthermore spoiled.

After my mom's, we stopped in to see my cute Grams. She had another Geneology type book for us. We've been getting them for a couple years for Christmas. I absolutely love it. Inside the book this year, was a little piece of a quilt that my Aunt Marica made. On the front is a pic of my Gramps, and on the other side, are pieces of Gramps clothing. I adore this gift more than you could imagine.

Abbi with her loot from our house. At her dad's she got a new Bow and Arrow, and a Pellet Gun.
"You'll shoot your eye out!" Remember that? A Christmas Story. LOVE IT!

The kids with their gifts from eachother. Aren't they cute?

We then had a little feast with our neighbors. I was seriously cracking up...they were trying to relocate the turkey. Trent was telling Loren to "grab it's legs". The bird was totally wiggling around, and lost a leg in the process.

We then broke out the new Mario Kart game. The kids all wanted a sleepover, so Abbi and Lexy slept at the Anderson's, and Kaleb and Alex slept over at our house.

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