Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Abbi

Happy 10th Birthday to my Abbi.
I can hardly believe it's been a decade!!

Abbi had her party yesterday. I let her take on some responsibilities. Some of which were handled BEAUTIFULLY....and others not so much! She wanted to invite 16 girls. So I wrote up all the invitations, and made it her job to hand them out. 3 of them didn't get handed out. OOPS!

Abbi picked out her own "Cupcake". (Which is a FABULOUS idea, and much cheaper!)

Abbi's cute/wild friends at her party. The stinker has talked her dad into another smaller sleepover party at his house. All I have to say is that 2 hours was long enough... Good luck Brad!


Amie said...

I hope you don't mind this, I'm a stranger to you, but I know you're sister-in-law, Shonni. She was my best friend in the 7-8 grade. I found your blog because you mention Beaver. Could you please tell her to visit my blog and get in touch? It's

christensens said...

I love the baby pictures, they are so cute. It's hard to see your kids grow up. When they are little you never imagine that they will ever be 10.