Thursday, November 27, 2008


We spent Thanksgiving this year at my mom's. This is the first year that we've actually had all of my little monkey's at my mom's for Thanksgiving. That's the hardest part of having a blended family.

My oldest brother Mark. (I might add that he really did not want his picture taken.)

My second oldest brother Steve, Tammy, Blaine, Brantly, Breaunna, Brendon, and Brady.

My sister Darla, Todd, Kelton, Kaylie, and Kason. Todd's dad Dean came with them. His wife passed a few months earlier. We were glad to have him.

My brother Kirk, Darlene, Taylor, Levi and Andi.

Then comes me. (Seven years later)

Steve's oldest Brittney and her new hubby Mike. So cute!

After Dinner, comes the annual Gingerbread Houses. The kids absolutely love this part of Thanksgiving. They spend hours making it look just right. Then they bring it home, and I always secretly hope that they break on the way home so I can throw them away. (SORRY MOM!) They usually end up in the kids bedrooms (even though I said no) and the pieces end up all over the house. Baylee wanted to put hers in a box and carry it on the plane to Vegas. She was pretty bumbed when I told her it wouldn't work.

Mark took his airplane out to fly it. The boys all thought it was really cool. Then uncle Mark let Kason and Kaleb fly the plane. Kirk said that Kaleb wrecked it into the cement wall across the street...but it survived.

The fam watching football after we all ate way too much!

My mom spends HOURS preparing the Gingerbread Houses and preparing our dinner. Then she spends the entire day playing with the kids, and cleaning up. I am thankful for you mom.


Jen said...

It looks like you had a nice Thanksgiving.

christensens said...

Cute family pics. Sounds like you had a fun family day.