Thursday, November 13, 2008

Celest to the Rescue

I am still without a house phone. It's now been three days since we went from "Hey Qwest, I have a little static on my line...", to "Hey Qwest, I have no line now...thanks mr. repair man." Let me tell you that I have been put through the run around. I have no confidence in Qwest's customer service.

Let's begin my long and PAINFUL story...(I will cut out some of the being hung up on several times)
We start by my phones going fuzzy on Monday night. Thinking it's the cordless phones we have, I go out and buy new phones. The next morning, the phones are a little fuzzy. So I call Qwest. They send someone out that afternoon. He tells me that it's the line that the protection company ran, and leaves. I call Protection One, who tells me that they don't do anything on the outside of the house so I call Qwest back, and ask them to send the guy back out. After Dude left, I have no phone whatsoever. They inform me that they cannot send him back out (even though he was here 5 minutes ago). The best they can do is to send someone out the next morning. So Wednesday morning comes and goes, and the afternoon comes and goes. NOBODY.
So now we are at Thursday. I was promised that I would be the first call. Well at this moment, it is now 2:10, and I am definately not the first call, but the repair guy WILL be here before 6:00pm. That's the best they can tell me.

But...the best part of my story is Good Ol Celest. I love her! She is a neighbor of mine, who is one of the sweetest, most thoughtful people alive! She heard my sob story (which is really lame...I shouldn't be this angry) and shows up with a fountain Diet Coke (the best kind of Diet Coke EVER) and a pie. Which about put me in tears! How could she KNOW how much I needed her? I totally HEART Celest.


christensens said...

Good friends are awesome. It's too bad we don't have more of them. I hate it when anyone has to come fix something at my house. It never seems to work right the first time. It's wierd since it is their job and all???

Jen said...

There is no good customer service anymore. That's the main problem.