Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rigging Up The Lights....

Trent totally boycotted the christmas lights last year. The kids complained quite a bit. I only complained by telling the kids to complain. The kids asked for the christmas lights to be hung this year. I didn't realize this process was going to take the entire day on Saturday, and then some.

First we have to buy this nifty gun that tells us which lights are dead. But then, we have to figure out the instructions on how to make the nifty gun work.

Then, when we can't figure out the directions, we try to use the nifty gun along with the light strands in very very very wrong ways.

Once we figure out nifty light gun, we then go help all the neighbors figure out which lights are the "problem" lights on their strands. Why? Well cuz we're nice people, and because this new toy is SOOO cool. Right babe?

Then we come back and begin to hang our lights. (When we use the word "we" at our house, it reverts back to the word "you"....or in this case it means Trent.)

Good job babe. But all I really wanted were the lights on the house (which have a short, and are currently not up and running), and my blow-ups.

Not a great picture I know...but like I said, not everything is up and running yet.......

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So, Saturday? Does that work for you?

Love the tangled web!