Monday, November 17, 2008

The Beast Immerges

Who knew that the organization beast would have immerged. After 1 trip to Walmart, 2 trips to Target, and 1 stop at The Home Depot, I hope I have enough stuff to finish my "little project". When you clean out one spot, you have to move the 'unwanted' items to a new spot, which in turn creates another mess. 10 minutes a day? I don't think so. All 3 of my garbage cans are full now, so I'm going to have to take a timeout til Friday.

Why do I have so much clutter? I have the answer. When things don't have a permanent location, the result is repurchasing the item. And then I end up with 7 rolls of tape. (I actually found 12.) This became a common occurrence as I was cleaning.

I found this handy little guy at The Home Depot. This is so much better than the thing I had hanging in my closet.

I am extremely proud of my pantry. It was such a mess!!!

I decided to put the spices that I don't use on a regular basis into bins. It saved me a ton of space!!
This was a great idea that I adopted from my mom. Thanks mom!

And lastly, this is my crafting spot.

I'm sure you are all tired of my organization blogs, but I am so proud of myself for taking the time to do something for myself. It's not a fun project by any means, but it has needed to be done for quite some time!! Any organizing tips are welcome!


Anonymous said...

I see that you're following the tip from Clean House where you put all of your stuff in see-through containers so you can tell what's in them! =)

I remember how you used to get on these cleaning kicks when we were kids. I think you had the most organized toys in the history of the world! You really need to stop, your making us slacker moms look bad (aka: ME).

Merianne said...

I love your organization posts, it makes me more motivated to organize my house. You're so lucky you even HAVE a pantry! Our tiny condo is busting at the seams and I've got food storage lined up around the wall of our bedroom. Time for a new place!

Well done, you should be pleased with yourself!

christensens said...

I made that exact home depot purchase a while back. It's the best wrapping paper storer ever.

I have a ton of books on Feng Shui which is pretty much clearing clutter and how it makes for a better life. If you want to borrow any of them let me know. It's not as wierd as you might think.

You know your house is clean when you can open closets, take pictures, and post them on the internet. Good job.