Sunday, November 9, 2008

A New Stage

Stage one: Stage Fright. The big kids were all ready for our primary program. Mom came to sit with Kaisey during Sacrament. I had to sit with my Primary class up on the pulpit, and Trent had been gone all weekend for guard.. Kali decided that once she got to the microphone that she wanted no part of it.

Stage two: The 'do not place objects too close to baby' stage. We went out to eat, and the waitress placed a glass of ice water right in front of baby. Yup...the entire glass of water went into Kaisey's lap. It was totally awesome!

(Just like daddy...tongue is out with determination!)
On the way to the restaurant, I was commenting on some cute halloween costumes I saw on two of my friends blogs. The children were Alvin and the Chipmunks. Abbi says, "Let's do that next year, and I'll be Simon." I said, "Oh you want to be the smart one?" She says, "Yep!" Kaleb says, "I'll be Alvin, and Kali can be the fat one." Trent and I were laughing so hard, and anyone who knows Kali knows how well that went over.

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