Saturday, November 15, 2008

Organization Challenge #2

Organization Challenge #2
The Linen Closet. Which has pretty much been a Linen/If I can't find a spot for it...shove it in here Closet.

So here's the before.....(Ew! Really?)

Here is after.....

Once again I used my handy dandy vinyl machine to label my shelves. Once again, this project took a lot more than 10 minutes. However I am completely satisfied. I think I now have the organization itch.

It feels really good to clean the inside of things as well as the outside. I try really hard to keep a tidy house....knowing perfectly well that there are "spots" that I don't want ANYONE to look at. My goal is to not have "spots" in my house any longer. Do you think I can get it all done before New Years? Now that's a more realistic resolution than....I want to eat right, I want to exercise...blah blah blah.


The Tharps said...

I am so proud of looks great! You have inspired me...maybe on Tues (my day off) I will start a little something myself.

Angela said...

Hey I have a closet like that....oh who am I kidding... I have closets like that. I need to take the challenge myself! Looks good! WTG!

The Olson Gang! said...

HIRED you are too!!!!!

I have 6 bedroom closets - 1 linen closet - bathroom cabinets....
The list is growing!!!


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