Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I aksed my kids what they wanted for christmas this year, and they really couldn't tell me. So I handed them a toy magazine and told them to look through it, and start on their lists for Santa.

Kali: So Soft Pony. The ORANGE one, with the PURPLE hair. (Of course this was hard to find.)
Littlest Pet Shop Armadillo.
VIP Lady Bug. Webkinz-Zebra

Abbi: Books, Nintendo DS games, Littlest Pet Shop Day Planner-GREEN, Webkinz-Frog or Hippo

Baylee? I don't even have the slightest idea yet. We've decided that Santa will go to her house in Vegas, and we'll just give presents from Mom and Dad here....especially since we won't have her until the second half of Christmas break.

Kaleb: Hot Wheels Dinosaur, Goosebumps books, Star Wars figures, Webkinz-Polar Bear and Snake AND Bat.

All of the kids lists were 1/2 a page. When I finished my hair appointment, Kaleb's list magically appeared much much bigger.

So here's my gripe. The kids are wanting specific colors. Then, it's not just a Webkinz, it's a specific animal. What is Santa going to do if she...I mean he....can't find the exact item? I got online first to see how popular these items were. Yeah..of course they are the popular items. So I went shopping last night with Ang. We hit Target and Walmart. I would much rather pay full price for an item, and have it, then go to a sale, and HOPE that I get it.

The good news....I found MOST of what I was looking for. The bad news....The entire store knew "I FOUND THE ARMADILLO! ANG!!! I FOUND IT!"

NOTE TO SELF: Get a Christmas list earlier, and shop the beginning of November.


christensens said...

It seems like your kids at least want realistic things. Good job on getting some shopping done early! Anything in November is good.

ADizzle's Blog said...

Faith wants absolutely everything she sees in the toy add, Austin wants things that Adult men want; flat screen tvs, a new four wheeler. It's too bad kids aren't happy with fun little things anymore. Like the boxes!

Your kids sound pretty reasonable to me