Saturday, January 31, 2009

Draper Temple

We went to visit the Draper Temple last night. What a process! First you go to the designated Stake Center. Where you sit and wait, and then row by row, they take you into a room to watch a pretty neat video with the history of the Draper area. Then you wait for a bus to take you to the Temple. You finish in the church that's right by the temple...with some refreshments. Which is where this picture was taken. After that you wait for your bus again. I can't believe all the work that goes into this. Bus's, refreshments, all the people named Usher (All the helpers had what looked to be name tags, and they all said Usher. Dumb, I know. But I found it quite funny!) The tents that took you from the bus to the Temple, and from the Temple, to the Church, and of course all the coverings for the floor. WOW!

The temple was BEAUTIFUL! Kaisey was getting really tired, but she LOVED the chandeliers. She also at one point was looking at nothing.....and began clapping and smiling. I feel as though it was my Grandpa Great Strong. There was a moment in the Temple where I was almost overwhelmed with love and peace. It's been way too long since I've gone to the Temple. That will be my goal for February.

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Forbes Clan of Five said...

I'm with you. Way to long for me too.