Saturday, January 10, 2009

Newport Beach

The boys picked up the rentals last night. This is Shane (neighbor/best friends) looking sexy by his what? Hummer! ................................Here is Trent looking sexy by our Minivan. gotta stop one-upping us! LOL

As we were walking to the beach, there were tons of birds. I told the kids not to get too close to the big bird. (I was mainly talking to Kaleb. I could see what he wanted to do!) Kali was so nervous. I'm not sure what happened, but the birds all kinda flew.....and Kali started screaming bloody murder, and running for cover. It was so dang funny! So here's the picture I took right after the dreaded bird incident. You can still see Trent laughing, and you can totally see the fear on Kali's face!
Newport Beach was SO pretty! The weather was excellent..and the water was C-H-I-L-L-Y! However that didn't stop the kids.

Kali finally warmed up to the little birds, and Kaisey was crawling after them. We started feeding them via air.


christensens said...

Those birds can be a little intimidating at the beach, especially if you have food. You can tell Kali they scare the crap out of me too!

Jen said...

Those are fun pictures. I will have to show you when we were there. Same Beach, same bridge with Austin running in the water at sunset. It was a total BAY WATCH moment. I'm jealous, I'd really like to be in the warm!!!

Stay away from those birds.... they poop!!!

pirate ride said...

Jealous!!! I want to go somewhere (any where)!! Looks so fun!