Saturday, January 24, 2009


Kaisey is starting to drive....chairs that is. She about went over yesterday, I caught her before she took out the bar stool along with her face (which is healing quite nicely)! I bought her the cutest little walker. She is beginning to master it already.

Trent managed to get himself 4 stitches on his knuckle. He sliced it right to the tendon. He pulled up the flap and MADE me watch the tendon move. I was TOTALLY grossed out, Kaleb, on the other hand, thought it was really cool. He wanted to go watch daddy get stitches. Kaleb told the doctor all about his stitches, staples, and his body cast. He's interested in becoming a doctor.


christensens said...

It's so cute they're starting to walk already. So cute but so sad.

Jen said...

I can't believe she is as old as she is. Sorry Trent, hope your stitches heal nicely. Boys seem to love science.