Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Who's the bad guy?

Who IS the bad guy you ask? You can decide.

We have been planning our upcoming trip to Disneyland for over a year now. We got the OK from all parties involved before we booked the flight. Well as it turns out now, Baylee won't be going with us because she's having trouble in school....and we made Nichole be the "bad guy". How on earth did we make you the bad guy? (Especially since we're pretty sure with your season pass to Disneyland, that you are just gonna take her when she goes off track.)

It's not like we uprooted Baylee, moved to Vegas, home-schooled her, then put her back into school on a track that would not be off during our vacation time planned a year ago.

I am not the bad guy....oh wait...I AM to the rest of the kids.... they were SUPER upset when I gave them the news. And as for me....well I'm biting my tongue as best as I can because after all WWJD? (Jesus would let her come with us. Really.)


Jen and Justin said...

Amy, I totally love you!!!

Jen said...

It sounds like she doesnt want baylee to get to have too much fun with you guys. My nephews mom does the same thing. She hates it when Tristan has fun with us. Makes no sense. I'm sorry.

Forbes Clan of Five said...

Don't know how you do it. Sounds like she is a little jealous if you ask me. Hang in there.