Thursday, October 23, 2008

Say Hello To My Little Friend

This is Binx. Binx is now almost 3 years old. Binx goes every 2 weeks to get a trim or bath from the groomer (Terri Gaylord....hehe, it's fun to say). Anywho! We all love how yummy they make him smell. Yes...he really does smell yummy. "Oooh let me smell him!" Kaleb will have his face in his fur (ok..technically it's hair) smelling him for like 10 minutes.

Ok, back to my subject. Pets. Binx is such a good dog. He plays really well with Kaisey, and he tolerates Kaleb. So when I got Binx home today in all his "freshness" I started thinking about all the pets I've had...cats,parakeets, hamsters, guinea pigs, a rabbit, a chinchilla (loved him..he was cool). We "tried out" a couple dogs in this marriage. (Here comes my stories)

I had Meeko when Trent and I got married. Meeko was a freakishly large cat. This cat would scare the crap out of all of the babysitters. He 'd claw his way onto the deck then he'd walk around the railing, and stare with those flourescent eyes and claw at the window. SCREEECH!!!!

Second there was Jedi. Now Jedi was a dog, who hated Trent. Anytime Trent would get near him, he would cry at the top of his lungs, and he wouldn't stop until he felt "out of danger" was either Trent or the dog.....uhhh?!!

Then there was the hamsters that we thought were a good idea for Abbi. The first set, we went out of town and came home to their frail little bodies. To stop the crying, we just bought 2 more. This time, we made sure that they had PLENTY of food and water when we went out of town. HOWEVER, when we came back, there was 8 instead of 2.

So, we have a good dog, and we're just gonna stick with that. (UNLESS, I can talk Trent into one of those hairless cats!!!)

(I'm sure everyone already knows about this, but it's new to me.)
If you add 1/2 cup of water when you are browning hamburger, it actually pulls the grease away from the meat!!


Jen said...

You're funny! You don't want one of those hairless cats!! They are EVIL!!!

christensens said...

You can have one of my cats and shave all it's hair off.

Anonymous said...

That's a great tip of the day. I didn't know that and will will have to try it out.

And EWWW, those hairless cats are ugly. If you get one of those then yuck. Yuck, yuck yuck!!!

I was hoping you would tell a story about all of the childhood pets. Maybe you could see if you could name all of them still. Remember that goldfish that wouldn't die?? And then there is Jeremy the hamster named after Jeremy in school. If I wasn't almost out the door to help Keith at the house in the middle of the night I'd write a blog about all of my old pets. Maybe that will be a tomorrow adventure!!