Tuesday, October 14, 2008


For Activity Days, they had a 50's Daddy-Daughter night. That would OBVIOUSLY mean that I didn't get to go. Putting that aside....they had an awesome time! Aren't those decorations cute? Speaking of cute...check out the leaders? And the handsome daddy's!!!

We have a fantastic ward, and are lucky to live in such a great neighborhood. Talk about magnifying your callings! I feel so very blessed.

I have been serving in the Primary as the Valiant B (9 year old) teacher for almost 2 years now. I began to get a little "tired" of my calling until this beautiful little girl Morghan started coming to church. It was then that I remembered that my Heavenly Father KNOWS what calling I should have, and he KNOWS where I'm needed. No amount of begging for mercy, or (on my knees) please Bishop please! will help. Morghan has such a sweet little spirit. I feel so blessed that she came into my life.

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