Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Flu Time !

We went in yesterday for flu shots, and to get Kaisey checked out by Dr. Daynes (love him). Kaisey had a fever of 102. So, she didn't get her flu shot. Gotta love when it's "just a virus". I was sure it was an ear infection.

I didn't tell the kids we were going to get the shots, until we got there. The lady at the desk spilled it to Abbi. She started FREAKING! The rest of the kids didn't find out until we were in the room, and the nurse comes in with all the needles, and asked, "Who's first?".

Kaleb says, "Abbi's first."
Abbi freaks. I told her to not panic until she got the shot.
Abbi gets her shot, and says, "Ow."

Kaleb's turn. Not even a flinch, but I know he was scared.

At this point, Kali is now hiding as far behind the chair in the corner of the TINY room as possible. I had to pull her out. She's screaming, "No, No, No!!"
The nurse says, "Do you want it in the leg or the arm."
Kali, "The leg. NO, no, no!" and a great big scream.

My turn. I'm actually really nervous, but I can't show the kids my fear. The nurse stuck the needle in, and I didn't feel a thing. Whew!!!

Gotta love the flu season!


mel♥nie said...

I never get flu shots and I haven't gotten them for my kids either. So yeah, we get the flu every year.

I'm gonna use you as my test case. If you guys don't get the flu this year, we will get the shots next year. I just don't know if it really works, so I guess we'll find out. By the way, you are so brave ;)

christensens said...

Gotta love taking kids to get shots especially optional shots. This is the first year for flu shots in our house. They make a really big deal about it with babies now I guess? My other kids seemed to survive so far, but if it helps why not. Less throw up I have to clean up.

Jen said...

I think your kids did great. Last year and the year before Austin upset himself so much before the shot he was screaming. Then when we were leaving he said "mommy, we need to call the cops on them!!"

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog! Good job on being brave for the kids, I hate shots too!

Mindy said...

Way to be brave Amy!!