Friday, October 31, 2008

Crazy Busy Halloween

Let's start out the crazy busy day with the Halloween Parade. It seemed to go on forever...but the kids were all so dang cute!!! Then after that, I stayed for Abbi's 4th grade program. I had to sneak out in the middle to get Kali from Kindergarten.

Then mom tried to cook a "fun" meal thanks to all the fun recipe blogs. We made rootbeer, and Monster Mouths (the mouths didn't quite turn out right...) and Mummy Dogs.

We began our trick or treating around the neighborhood. Abbi's daddy Brad came along. He comes every year. We all go around together until the little kids get tired, and then he takes the bigger kids around, until they are too tired to go anymore.

Some of the trick or treating "crew"!!!

Then Kaisey and I handed out treats. She's doing a good job isn't she?

Kaisey and her friend Sammy. So dang cute!!!

At the end of the night, it all seems worth it. Kids are happy (and tired) and just look at the 'pot o gold' for mom!!!


christensens said...

Holidays are a lot of work but tons of fun. Cute pictures

Jen said...

So fun. Everything is hard where kids are concerned. But worth it.