Friday, October 24, 2008


My friend Melanie and her daughter Emma (she's so cute) invited Abbi, Kalyssa and I to go with them to see HSM3. I really don't care for crowds, but it sounded fun. It was even a bigger deal than I imagined. There was traffic from Bangerter, all the way to the parking lot. There were girls in matching HSM3 t-shirts. Heck, I even saw a mom in her red t-shirt WITH her face painted. Oh no she-di-unt!!! (snapping my fingers in a z formation)

The movie began. There was cheering and clapping. After every song in the movie, there was cheering and clapping. When the movie was over, there was cheering and clapping. These little girls were so very excited for the movie. I must admit that I was actually excited to see it as well. However, I was slightly distracted due to the fact that Abbi's dance teacher Chaz, is actually in the movie. He's been in all of them. He's not a main actor/dancer or anything. So I kept asking Abbi, "Is that him?" Of course she wasn't looking for him, so she would say, "I don't know maybe." I'd ask again, and again. She finally said, "Just watch the movie mom."


christensens said...

I love that picture with the girls jumping. That's cute. Sounds like a crazy movie outing.

Jen said...

Cute pictures. I think you are brave for going the 1st day!!