Friday, February 13, 2009


Here is Abbi with her glasses. Not only did we pick up her glasses (which are only needed for seeing FAR) but we also got her braces off. She is becoming my mini-adult. She is becoming interested in her hair. After the girls shower, they all run downstairs for a "blow dry session." It's really pretty cute yet scary to watch them grow up by the minute.

Abbi came home from school yesterday and told me that she "really does need a Valentine's box for school tomorrow". Mind you....I've been asking her for about a month if they needed one. Kaleb and Kali both made theirs in class. Here's a pic of all the kids watching Abbi. They REALLY wanted to get in there and help! LOL
Baylee has been off track, and we've LOVED having her here. She is so excited when Kali gets home from Kindergarten and they can play. Then once school's out she can't wait to play with Katie.
Finished product. Pretty good for a last minute thing. THANK GOODNESS for my vinyl machine. I made the polka dots and Abbi's name. Under the flap it says "Treat's Here" with an arrow out of black vinyl as well. AND thank goodness for Jenn Branum who had an extra box laying around!

AND how fantastic is it that the graffiti has been removed from the neighbors house! YEAH!!


Jen said...

In my opinion, Abbi has been an adult her whole life. Cute pictures.

christensens said...

Abbi IS very sophisticated for her age. She cracks me up sometimes. That's gotta be nice having the graffiti gone. I didn't even notice it from my house.

Forbes Clan of Five said...

She is a beautiful young lady. She looks darling in her new glasses. Love the valentine box.