Monday, February 9, 2009

Always on a Sunday

Why does my dog insist on doing his "adventure" on a Sunday? Doesn't he realize that I can't get him back until the following morning? (At least I've gotten him back eh?) Or better question is....why don't I have a tag on him that says my name and number?

I went to let Binx back in right before I left for church. YUP....gone. I still am unsure of how he escaped. So I drive around the neighborhood for a quick once over, and go to church to teach my cute 9 year olds. I'm doing my best to not loose it. Well....I lost it! Thanks to all of those who were concerned for me...I'm just a big boob. Drove around after church for a while and nothing. Apparently some of my WONDERFUL friends and neighbors went on a search party. I had several friends call me concerned.

I called this morning to the vet and nothing. I was weeping like a baby as I'm trying to give the vet my information. About 10 minutes later, the vet returned my call to tell me that Troy McDonald had found my dog. Apparently the little stinker got tired of his escapade, and pooped out right in the middle of the road. Troy picked him up, and brought him home. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you friends, thank you angels, and thank you Troy! Stupid dog :0)

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Jen said...

You can't call him stupid.... he's adventuresome. Do you blame him. He just wanted to smell some new smells and visit some new dogs... I'm sure he was just curious.