Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kali's Sick Days

Kali missed her first day of Kindergarten on Thursday. My hilarious little girl found her new swimsuit, and insisted on wearing it her entire sick day.
Kali seemed fine for school on Friday. A little tired, but nothing out of the ordinary for her. I got her ready for school, and decided to drive them. We got no further than the driveway, and she asked me if I had a bag for her to "puke" in (refer back to Disneyland trip). I told her no, and as we were scrambling to get her out of the car, she opened up her backpack and refunded in it. Way to go Sis....way to save the car. Now her homework on the other hand......

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Forbes Clan of Five said...

Poor baby but smart thinking for a little tike.