Saturday, August 22, 2009

Baby Animals at the Zoo

We went to the Zoo today. I couldn't believe all the new baby animals since our last visit. As we went past the elephant exhibit, there was a notice that there was a new baby elephant. Interesting fact: momma elephants are pregnant for 21 months and the baby was 251 lbs. I think I'd die if I had to be pregnant that long! We saw the baby giraffe.

New baby orangutan, followed by the new baby Meerkats (which I adore!)
Then Kaisey pointed out some new babies in the making.

I love the Red Panda. I think everything might be super adorable sleeping.

The "kids" tried on all the silly zoo hats.
This one ended up a keeper. For the love Trent.....

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The Olson Gang! said...

That hat is PERFECT!!! :)

Why is it that they have to have a hat? You should see the "hat" that Todd got at the Wild Animal Kingdom... better yet - you would need to see the entire "garb"... We.. I mean HE looked like the "TOTAL TOURIST!" (we always walked a few steps ahead of him... hee hee hee!) Honestly....