Friday, August 14, 2009

Great Grandpa Barney

Esther and Miles Barney along with Vick and Val (not sure which one's which.)
Grandpa Barney the jokester. I missed most of the funeral because I was chasing Kaisey all over creation. I did however witness the bat that was in the light trying to get out. Did you have a hand in that joke grandpa? Anyhow...I was very sad that I missed the funeral, and then I stayed in the car during the graveside service because I finally got the cranky baby to sleep. I began thinking of my own grandpa as well as Grandpa Barney. I noticed one of the Soldiers standing there, and realized that he had a bugle, and was going to play Taps. I thought to myself, "I hope I can hear him in the car." Only a few minutes after that...I heard a knocking on the driver side door. I wondered what it was, so I listened again. Sure enough I heard the knock again. I opened the door to see what was hitting the door. There wasn't anything there, however when I opened the door I realized that the bugle was playing. Take it how you will....but I believe it was Grandpa Jokester Barney.
Before the service Trent's cousin Mandy put together an envelope for the family to donate money if they wished to Grandma Barney. I went out to the car to get my checkbook, and Abbi wanted to come with me. She took $10 out of her wallet for Grandma. I'm so proud of her.

We love and miss you! I will always cherish the beautiful jewlery that you made just for me!

Kaisey kept going up to Grandma Barney and giving her lots of loves.


Anonymous said...

How sad! I'm sorry for your loss!

mcafeesluvcali said...

Thank you for posting pictures of the funeral. I was sad that we could not make it there.