Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Kaleb received another set of staples after Abbi accidentally whacked him in the head with the heavy duty outdoor broom. (The UGLY) She felt SO terrible that she came with us to the Instacare. Speaking of Abbi? (The BAD) She is also getting an MRI on her knee which has a growth on it. Her knee is swollen and puffy. After the Orthopedic Specialist rules out anything serious, they'll just go in and remove the growth....oh and speaking of Orthopedic Specialist? I now get to see him too. (More BAD) My toesies are going numb stemming back to my rolled ankle from an indoor soccer game 7 years ago. FOR THE LOVE!

After Kaisey downloaded a new ring tone for Trent (LOL) she did more of her butt dance. She does this EVERY time she hears the ice cream man, and almost everytime she hears music. She is very silly. (The GOOD)

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Rachel said...

Oh, what a little cute heart!!