Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to School.....Again?

Abbi and Kaleb were accepted into the Charter School yesterday. I had to come up with an answer by 4:00. I went to the school and talked with them.

Mom: "Kids you got into the Charter School!"

Abbi: "Yeah!"

Kaleb: "No mom!"

Mom: "But Kaleb....they have an awesome art program."

Kaleb: "No."

Mom: "Kaleb, they teach Spanish, and they have a music program."

Kaleb: "Miss Taylor already does that with me." (And it's true. She's a fantastic elementary teacher.)

Mom: "You'll get a longer summer...."

Kaleb: "Oh, ok!"

Kali however, did not get into the school this year. She is having a bit of a meltdown. We bought her a new Webkin in the middle of her meltdown, and hopefully it will help. She's gonna need a little more TLC.

So I then started the process to pull them out of school, and then had to run like crazy to find uniforms, new shoes, bows, etc. What a crazy crazy afternoon! I'm also thinking that I'm gonna end up with a list of things that they will need from the more running today!

We rolled into the Charter School today to get registered and a few of the neighbor kids showed up for the "unveiling" of the teachers. Kaleb ended up getting into his good friend Alex's class, and Abbi ended up in the same class as her friends Alexis and Madison. What a good morning!

Abbi's MRI came back normal, and we are set to get her surgery next week. Hey Janet....what are your plans for next Friday? ;)

Crazy odds and ends.
I made Plaster Paris molds for Kaleb's class last week. One of my FAVORITE things to do when I was little. My mom would bring all the stuff to make, and paint when we'd go camping.
Stairs in the back finished. Thanks to Rockscapes! They did an fantastic job.


Anonymous said...

I keep waiting for you to mention your drinking fountain in the back. Are you getting one?? =)

Kids are adorable, hope life is treating you well!

Amy said...

Ha Ha! Yep. That's next year. Firepit, finishing the curbing....and drinking fountain...unless we can figure out a way to install a soda fountain! :)