Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dental Device

Now that my cutie patootie is in school ALL DAY LONG...AKA first grade, I had to put a stop to the thumb sucking.

A. For the sake of her teeth and pallet
B. For the sake of her social life
C. Mom is tired of asking her to stop (ok, so sometimes I don't ask nicely)

Kali was so upset when I told her that we were putting the device in her mouth. I of course feel terrible for doing it, but I think that it's the right thing to do. We can BARELY get a piece of floss in between those front teeth anymore. Kali almost cried and tells me that her friends will make fun of her for talking funny. I tell her that if they do then they really aren't her friends.

Dental assistant, "Kalyssa? What movie would you like to watch? Bolt, High School Musical 3...."
She didn't need to ask any further than that.

Kali begins watching HSM3 with the earphones and singing out loud.

Dr. Stevenson comes over and puts in her appliance. He then begins to explain to her (in the cutest way possible) that she is gonna talk kinda funny for a couple days.

"It's like a new pair of shoes. It feels funny for a couple days, but after that they feel great! AND your new "retainer" will make you so dang cool that all the kids will wish they had one." Dr Stevenson then tells her a story of when he was little and that he was so JEALOUS of another kid for something similar.

She walks out of that office as PROUD as PROUD can be. She can't say her S's very well...but other than that she's super happy.

Thanks Dr. Stevenson for making a potentially difficult situation AWESOME!


Rachel said...

It's been so long ago that I don't remember who it was, but back when we were in elementary school there was a girl who couldn't say her S's. Do you remember? You taught her to use Z's instead. You were always such a good friend!

Kali looks awesome! I was a thumb sucker too, I'm glad they came up with something that isn't as cruel as what they had when I was little. My mom had spikes put in my mouth, they tore up my tongue and I think I still managed to fit my thumb in there! Yay Kali, you rock!

Jamie and Covie Gonzales said...

She is too cute. I am glad she is feeling good about it!

Kim McCann said...

I can't believe how grown up she is! Look at those pictures, she doesn't have her baby face anymore! :( Aren't you glad you have Kaisey to be your baby now! :)

Coombs Family said...

She looks so cute with her retainer! I love it. Lucy is trying to be a thumbsucker too and I am trying desperately to stop it. Any advice or am I doomed for a retainer too?

Jen said...

she's sweet. I'm glad she made it through.