Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When did that happen?

We had a SUPER busy weekend....and OF COURSE I forgot my camera! Kali had a soccer game in which she had to wear her curlers. She immediately went up to Dave T. and told him that "it isn't funny" before anybody even looked at her. Then it was off to Kaleb's game. He OF COURSE got hit again by another pitch. This time it was in the back. Then we went home to get ready for dance recitals. OF COURSE we were late because I wrote the wrong time down. We ended up spending 4 hours at the recital. What a long day.

What I'm wondering now is when did I become my mom? I think she is a super mom. She has always been so giving of herself and of her time. People will call her for help with this and help with that. I'm starting to realize that I'm becoming her. When did that happen?

Well...it's a good thing it did happen because child number 3 brought home a "red card" from school today. It said that Kali "kicked Aaron because he told on Marlee." Hello? Where the heck did my kid learn to kick? My Kali? Surely not MY Kali. I was so angry....but I had the sense to send her to her room while I had a chance to think. We ultimately decided together that kicking wasn't the best policy, and we are sending not only an apology to Aaron, but a treat. I'm so done with school this year. Now I wish we knew what dang track we had.

TO BE CONTINUED...........

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