Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Day before we left for Cyrstal Hot Springs, Kaisey got nailed by a swinging child right in the face. Scratches and a big black eye!

Camping with the Moser's. Crystal Hot Springs is only like an hour and a half from here. On the way down, we got Wendy's cuz let's face it.....who actually leaves when they say they are going to? Anywho, we had to play musical cars with our children, because our truck doesn't fit our entire family any more. So Abbi and Baylee went with the Moser's, and we took Allie. Allie and Kali are the same age, and Kali ADORES Allie! So they eat most of their food, and decide to make some half chewed concoction into the soda cup. By the time we realized they were sniffing, and spitting into this was too late. Yup. Another one of my monkey's refunds. Luckily mom's a fast thinker, and grabbed a big Wendy's bag (which of course had all the fries in it).

We had such a fun time, and were glad to have the Moser's there!

Last night I had to do my "usual" running back and forth. Drop Kali at dance, drop Kaleb at baseball, get Kali from dance, get her to soccer, get Kaleb from baseball, get Abbi ready for dance....and drag Kaisey along. Well.......little "bump" in the road. In between picking up Kali and getting her to soccer, I got a phone call from the baseball park. Kaleb got hit with a pitch. It was hard enough that it left the threads, and it was swollen.

This was right after I picked him up. He had been icing it.

AND this is from this morning. Ouch! So...getting to the point of showing you my kids owies? I do have two children with black eyes and trauma's to their faces....and I don't beat them. I promise! Poor babies!


mel♥nie said...

Ouchie!!! Good thing your kids are such troopers. Looks like a fun Memorial Day.

Anonymous said...

Quit beating your kids!!! :P