Monday, June 8, 2009

Last Soccer Games...etc.

3 of my cute neighborhood teenagers....Kenzie, Alyssa, and Kyanna brought this over to my family. How adorable are they?

The UNDERDOGS with Coach Sean.
Kaleb's last soccer game of the season. He was SO good at soccer until he broke his femur. After that, he lost his drive to dominate. The last few games of the season this year he came into his own again. I was so proud, and so excited because I enjoy the sport.

"Where did this fire come from?" I asked.

"Mom....I'm an UNDERDOG and the ball is my chew toy." Kaleb said.

Hey.....whatever motivates the boy!

I didn't get any pictures of Kali....but I'm hoping that I can get some from Kali's coaches. Jenn and Kristine.
We had more garbage can "drama" recently. For my own sanity, I added a little vinyl to mine.

Our darling May craft.
♫ Stop in the name of love....Before you break my heart ♪ Isn't she such a cutie? Her first word was "out". All she wants to do is go outside.

Daddy is packing for Indonesia. I guess he's taking her with him.

I made these cake pops to take to my sister-in-laws baby blessing. I thought they turned out super cute. I remembered to take a picture in the car on the way to Bountiful. We THOUGHT they'd be ok in the car since it was raining. A couple of them bit the dust while we were in Sacrament. My thanks to Amy Coombs and Bakerella for discovering them for me.

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Coombs Family said...

Your cake pops turned out adorable! Sounds like you have had a lot going on lately. Let me know if I can help somehow.